Operator Theory Seminar [Jan. 21 & 23, 2019]

2019.01.16 Wed up
Lecturer: Marcin Marciniak (University of Gdansk, Poland)
Title: Introduction to Quantum Information Theory
Quantum Information Theory (QIT) is an exciting, young field which lies at the intersection of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. It emerged rapidly in last twenty years. QIT has sources in classical information theory but it seriously treats foundations of quantum theory also. 
Soon it turned out that some problems formulated in this theory are highly nontrivial. 
The aim of the series of talks is to present mathematics of QIT. Main mathematical tool come from linear algebra, functional analysis, operator algebra theory as well as probability theory. We will describe selected notions of QIT together with mathematics lying behind them.
Date: Jan. 21, 2019
Lecture 1. Foundations of Quantum Theory: States and measurements, quantum entanglement.
Lecture 2. Entanglement witnesses: applications of positive maps
Date: Jan. 23, 2019
Lecture 3. Quantum correlations: Tsirelson’s problem and applications of operator systems theory.
Lecture 4. Bell inequalities and steering inequalities: applications of operator space theory.
Location: West Wing 6F Colloquium Room (BKC campus)

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