Stochastic processes and their statistics in Finance
in Okinawa

ABSTRACTS, List of speakers
26th Oct.
Hideo Nagai, Antoine Jacquier, Jun Sekine, Shuenn-jyi Sheu
Welcome party (at Restaurant LYRA, music live)

27th Oct.
Naoto Kunitomo, Yacine Ait-Sahalia, Hiroki Masuda, Michael Sorensen, Mark Podolskij, B.L.S.Prakasa Rao

28th Oct.
Noufel Frikha, Ahmed Kebaier, Antoine Lejay, Klaus Ritter, Paul Gassiat Kyong-Kuk Kim

29th Oct.
Excursion (Lunch & Discussion)
ROAD MAP: Shurijo-castle park, Okinawa World, Azama san-san beach
*The entrance fees for each attraction have to be paid from your own funds.

30th Oct.
Makoto Maejima, Konstantin Borovkov, Takahiko Fujita, Takaaki Shimura, Alexander Novikov, Thomas Simon
Dinner (at conference hall)

31st Oct.
Josef Teichmann, Oleg Reichmann, Christa Cuchiero, Andrea Macrina, Harald Oberhauser, Jim Gatheral

1st Nov.
Istvan Gyongy, Hideatsu Tsukahara, Young researchers session

Participation fee for academic interaction activities;
   Academics; 3,000 (JPY)
   Students; 2,000 (JPY)
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