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This page is about my research.

Papers :

Y. Fukumoto, P. Kirk, J. Pinzon-Caicedo, Traceless SU(2) representations of 2-stranded tangles, to appear in Math. Proc. of the Camb. Phil. Soc.

Y. Fukumoto, w-Invariants and Fintushel-Stern invariants for Plumbed Homology 3-Spheres, Experimental Math., 20 (1) (2011), 1--14.

Y. Fukumoto, The bounding genera and w-invariants, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 137 (2009) 1509--1517.

Y. Fukumoto, Cobordism category of plumbed 3-manifolds and intersection product structures, Journal of Homotopy and Related Structures, Vol.4(2009), No. 1, 39--68.

Y. Fukumoto, A cancellation formula of Alvarez-Gaumé and Witten and a signature defect-type invariant of 11-dimensional lens spaces with spin structures, Pacific Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 235 (2008), No. 2, 213--234.

Y. Fukumoto, The index of the spin-c Dirac operator on the weighted projective space and the reciprocity law of the Fourier-Dedekind sums, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 309 (2005) 674--685.

Y. Fukumoto, M. Furuta, M. Ue, W-invariants and Neumann-Siebenmann invariants for Seifert homology 3-spheres, Topology and its Applications, 116 (3) (2001) 333--369.

Y. Fukumoto, M. Furuta, Homology 3-spheres bounding acyclic 4-manifolds, Mathematical Research Letters 7 (2000) 757--766.

Y. Fukumoto, Plumbed homology 3-spheres bounding acyclic 4-manifolds, Journal of Mathematics of Kyoto University 40-4 (2000) 729--749.

Y. Fukumoto, On an invariant of plumbed homology 3-spheres, Journal of Mathematics of Kyoto University 40-2 (2000) 379--388.

Preprints :

Y. Fukumoto, Homology spin cobordism problem of plumbed 3-manifolds and the cup product structures

Y. Fukumoto, A generalization of a reciprocity law and the index of the Dirac operator on higher dimensional weighted projective spaces, Dedicated to Mitsuyoshi Kato on his 60th Birthday

Y. Fukumoto, A generalized reciprocity law of the w-invariant of lens spaces

Proceedings of conferences :

Y. Fukumoto, Bounding Genus and the Spin Cobordism Category of 3-manifolds, Yoshihiro Fukumoto, INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF MATHEMATICIANS Hyderabad 2010 ABSTRACTS Short Communications, Hindustan Book Agency, (2010) 159-160.

Y. Fukumoto, On the reciprocity law of the Fourier-Dedekind sums, INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF MATHEMATICIANS MADRID 2006 ABSTRACTS Posters Short Communications Mathematical Software Other Activities, European Mathematical Society (2006) 292-293.

Takuya Ueta, Yasuaki Sumi(Tottori University of Environmental Studies), Noboru Yabuki(Tsuyama National College of Technology), Susumu Matsumae, Yoshihiro Fukumoto(Tottori University of Environmental Studies), Takao Tsukutani(Matsue National College of Technology), Yutaka Fukui(Tottori University), A Study on Contour Line and Internal Area Extraction Method by Using the Self-Organization Map, Proceedings of ISPACS'2006 pp.685-688, TPM1-6-5.pdf on CD-ROM (2006.12)

Taemi Nakamura, Yasuaki Sumi(Tottori University of Environmental Studies), Noboru Yabuki(TSUYAMA National College of Technology), Hisashi Noda, Takuya Ueta, Susumu Matumae, Yoshihiro Fukumoto(Tottori University of Environmental Studies), Yutaka Fukui(Tottori University), ActiveNet Model with High-density methods, ITC-CSCC 2005 Proceedings Volume4 pp.1463-1464(2005.7)

H. Noda ,Y. Sumi, N. Yabuki, S. Matumae, Y. Fukumoto, T. Ueda*1,Y. Fukui:Proposal for Multiple methods of Active Net Model, Proceedings of International Symposium on Communications and Information Tech. 2004 (ISCIT 2004), Sapporo, Japan

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