July 3(Thu.) - 5(Sat.), 2014, Presentation Room
Bldg. Co-learning House II, BKC, Ritsumeikan University

Introductory lectures for graduate students on various topics of semi-classical analysis will be given by experts.



  • HSIAO, Chin-Yu (Taipei)

  • Semi-classical analysis in complex geometry:
    Bergman kernel asymptotics for lower energy forms

  • KRUPCHYK, Katya (Helsinki)

  • Resolvent estimates for elliptic operators and their applications
  • MIYANISHI, Yoshihisa (Osaka)

  • Low energy approximations for Feynman path integrals on the sphere
  • MIZUTANI, Haruya (Osaka)

  • Strichartz estimates for Schrödinger equations on manifolds with ends
  • WITTSTEN, Jens (Kyoto)

  • Semiclassical analysis in the study of hyperbolic dynamical systems

Scientific Support

kyoto leaf Scientific Research (C)
FUJIIE, Setsuro

kyoto leaf Bridging GAP project

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